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Equipación audiovisual

Thanks to our experience of more than 15 years equipping venues all over the world with our parent company Zenit Event Experts,

we have all the equipment we own. Zenit Venue is equipped with a giant LED screen, intelligent lights, technical booth for sound control and translations, microphones, professional sound...


In addition, due to our recent opening, we offer spectacular discounts on all the equipment we have so that you don't hesitate to make your event shine.

LED screen


Programmable lighting

Professional sound



Video equipment (LED screen pack)

  • LED screen 5 x 3 m. Pixel Pitch 2.9mm.

  • 2 pcs. LED screen 1,5 x 3m. Pixel Pitch 2.9mm.

  • Novastar VX1000 Electronics.

  • 42" screen (reference on stage).

  • Video mixer BM Atem Mini Extreme ISO.

  • MSI computer for presentations + slideshow slider.

  • Mac Book Pro for video playback.

Sound equipment


  • MIDAS M32R digital mixing desk

  • MIDAS DL16 Stage Rack

  • Wireless microphones Sennheiser EW500 G2 (4 pcs.)

  • - 2 pcs. hand microphones

  • - 2 pcs Headset/Lapel

  • 4 x Nexo PS10 Loudspeakers

  • 1 Nexo LS15 Sub.

Lighting equipment

  • Avolites Quartz control desk

  • 4 pcs Prolights Studiocob plus 150W

  • 2 pcs Prolights EclPanel TWC

  • 2 pcs Prolights EclPanel TWCJr

  • 2 pcs Fresnel Led 75W

  • 4pcs Spot Prolights Jet Spot 4Z

  • 5pcs Spot Led 50W.

  • 6pcs IMG RGBW Washer.

  • 8pcs Prolights Smartbat.

  • 8pcs Wash IMG 300 LED.



  • 9 x 4 m. black carpeted stage platform.

  • Methacrylate lectern (optional customised front panel).



  • 2 units Movistar Fibre 1 Gb Symmetrical.



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